Video Marketing Strategy: YouTube or Facebook?

Facebook and YouTube each have their strengths and fit nicely into digital marketing strategies when used correctly. Understanding their respective trade-offs is key to effective campaign management and efficient budget spend while brands work to compete for viewership in a rapidly changing environment.

Facebook, over the past year, has emerged as the best channel for trending video and building initial campaign velocity. YouTube on the other hand, takes longer to build momentum but remains dominant in total viewership, over the life-cycle of a campaign. But why?

New research has found that Facebook performs better at the initial launch of a video campaign, bringing the social network’s high engagement and reach on the News Feed to bear.

Facebook video discovery and viewership tend to diminish over time as a result of the site's functionality and consumer behavior. Trying to find a video on Facebook, after it's no longer in your News Feed, can be very hard. Content discovery on Facebook is mainly limited to what a user’s friends are sharing, as well as recommendations based on a user’s interests and network trends. Because discovery is so dependent on sharing, viewership becomes hot and then cold in a short-lived amount of time.

In contrast, YouTube acts as a rich content depository for video and the majority of users go there, or arrive by Google search, to search and find video content. This set of functionalities allows videos a much longer lifespan on YouTube.

To become longer term video alternatives to YouTube, social media networks, like Facebook, will need to allow for better video discovery and search features within their sites. Currently, the further content is from trending or becoming viral the more likely YouTube is the only method to find a specific branded video, topic or theme.

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